• A historic Cult-Leader: St. Patrick

    There are many stories about the deeds of St. Patrick who has been celebrated for centuries. Most often though as an excuse to get drunk and party on Paddy’s day. But historic research points into a different direction. St. Patrick might not have been an Irish sage but a dark cult-leader who oppressed the original faith of the Irish people, took way religious freedom and killed innocent pagan devotees and druids, like some sources state:

    “The book of 1625 is the authority for another story:–“Two magitians with their magicall charmes overcast all the region with a horrible darkness for the space of three dayes, hoping by that meanes to debar his (Patrick’s enterance into the country.” Again:–“Nine magitians conspired the Saint’s death, and to have the more free accesse to him, they counterfeited thēselves to be monks putting on religious weeds; the Saint, by divine information, knew thē to be wolves wraped in sheeps cloathing; making, therefore, the signe of the crosse against the childrē of Satan, behould fire descended from Heaven and consumed them all nine.” He is also reported to hay caused the death of 12,000 idolaters at Tara.”

    Here is a link to an article providing different views on St. Patrick.