• Be Scofield — “The Chosen One!”

    By Robert B.

    The US has suffered a considerable 25% uptick in the rise of hate groups over the last fifteen years. Unfortunately, our mainstream news outlets have predictably focused only on apparent hate groups. Separated into white supremacy, homophobia, and religious bigotry. What’s rarely covered are those haters that seek to eradicate our newer and more diverse spiritual groups, which they conveniently always brand “cult.” Whatever design they take, hate groups are always dangerous assemblages of individuals who come together to act out or sanction their hostilities. Hate groups are everywhere and are typically headed by one, or a few, “chosen ones,” who promote their noxious ideals and beliefs to ruin or destroy the lives of their targets. But that outward effort is rarely the real motivating force behind their actions. This article exposes the current “Be Scofield cult” along with her odious collection of angry followers. It’s not a large group, but it accurately portrays all the classic elements that make a hate group, a “cult.”

    In one of my preceding pieces, “Be Scofield – An Angry Sociopath Disguised as a Journalist,” I exposed Miss Scofield as a hostile sociopath, largely affixing what I learned as a clinical psychologist to her public persona. Though I only revealed a small segment of her overall summary. I had intended to end my study of Miss Scofield there and move on to my next project. Posting a public piece was new for me. I’ve not previously published my analysis of any field subjects outside of my formal channels. But, because of her unique and dangerous HS pathology, I found it necessary to make an exception. I say this sincerely: Our greatest social crimes throughout humanities past, have nearly always been committed by clever hostile sociopaths.

    When examining hate groups, it’s essential not to disregard their most prevalent motive; hate masks insecurity. It’s safe to say; all haters are insecure. A central difficulty with the insecure is they’re rarely prepared to recognize their susceptibilities. We could go so far as to say, they’re too insecure. Left unchecked, their insecurities can easily morph into a diversity of emotion-driven defense mechanisms. In Be Scofield’s cult, those mechanisms are purposefully cultured anger and hatred. In hate groups, a commonly shared pathology is the continuous need to belong, to be accepted, and to whatever extent achievable, be validated. Hate groups often deliver that convenience. Dispensing hatred elevates a group member’s stature above the hated.

    Consequently, hate members find it difficult to stop hating. Sadly, this can go on indefinitely, unless they find a means to introspect truthfully. To avoid that uncomfortable possibility, group members hide their uncertainties in the company of others, who fervidly and repeatedly reinforce their sense of worth through bolstering their shared hate-inspired actions by justifying them as righteous or necessary. Once in a hate group, they feel increasingly duty-bound, often ambitiously so, causing them to beseech others to hate with them. To admit they are haters won’t do. Hate isn’t a fashionable catchword in those groups. Justice, righteousness, heroism, or championing the unaware for their own good, all serve their identity boosting panacea better. And though these excuses do feed their esteem, it’s not long before the adrenaline rushes, caused by the hunt for their next kill, become their prime driving force. Individuals who struggle for worth and validation often feel empowered and enabled when they join into the hunt, which lets them conveniently sidestep culpability in a surrounding herd mentality. Few can promote that kind of behavior and proficiency in others as effectively as a strategic hostile sociopath. Miss Scofield has had close to ten years to hone that skill; providing her an expert status in hovering watchfully over her tribe like a dutiful queen.

    To a hate group recruiter like Be Scofield, the pain radiating through those hubs is ripe with opportunity.

    In the not too distant past, Miss Scofield would have recruited her followers on a common street corner, haranguing on about wrongdoing, or rousing her crowd to anger by exposing the guru “abuser of the innocent,” who she predictably claims are all societies prime evil, – unless, of course, they had previously chosen to praise her rule. Today, that famed street corner is any cyber hub where ex-followers of a guru or spiritual group might gather to complain. Some of those hubs may be, and some may not be, good meeting zones for the wounded. Some are merely outlets for the resentful who didn’t get what they were looking for. But those that are genuine, can serve as nuclei where people bring their grievances, hoping to find resolution or healing, or might serve as discussion forums for people who were mistreated or abused by a spiritual fraud or power-hungry fanatic. To a hate group recruiter like Be Scofield, the pain radiating through those hubs is ripe with opportunity. She won’t honestly admit their healing might require compassion or therapy. When Miss Scofield interfaces a healing hub or discussion forum, she does so stealthily. She’ll always openly announce her arrival and offer support, but she also secretly brings with her several participating aliases that she uses to change the course of discussions from, “This what happened to me,” to “This is how we get even.” Her idea of healing is cultivating hatred, or the desire for vengeance. Sociopaths don’t feel sympathy in healthy normal ways. Hostile sociopaths are an appreciably different human genera than the average man or woman. They feel, often deeply, but they filter their feelings through deliberate strategies solely to get more power, making people or situations either opportunities or useless.

    Her idea of healing is cultivating hatred, or the desire for vengeance.

    Be Scofield’s climb toward hate-leader status began cleverly, first through writing advocating articles for Martin Luther King, and then writing support articles for the “good fight” in the LBGTQ movement. But that wasn’t her goal, those were merely short-term stepping stones —public displays meant to define her exemplary status as a champion for the underdog. First, she needed to show people she’s a hero. Once convinced, teach them to hate and ruin lives, “for the good of all.” The concept is a simple one; once an audience is emotionally harnessed, expand on the theme. But that isn’t the gold ring a hostile sociopath reaches for. Her payoff only comes in the form of increasing control and power. And, in that sublime sense of superiority over others. And, she’ll continue do that. — By hook or by crook. She’ll get away with it because her cult-followers are so completely enamored with that rush of rage. So much so, they’ll gladly overlook both reason and honesty. They’ve been indoctrinated! Regardless of their intelligence, they rarely think critically or independently. They’re a cult by her design, and are resultantly willing sufferers of a pathology referred to as emotionally manipulated “crowd mentality.” In which personal responsibility and the freedom to think independently is drowned out in the group fervor and hatred.

    Most of Miss Scofield’s hate members found each other through social networking contacts or were invited to join Miss Scofield’s Facebook friend’s collection, which she watches over carefully for potential rebels. I joined as a friend years ago, and I’m still there. Though she’ll never find me there because of a very well disguised front. That deemed that necessary so I could investigate the inner stirrings of her secret cauldron. What I found there is an exceedingly dark place populated with deceptively beautiful faces, all caught up in a conversational adrenaline rush, pushed on by her careful prodding this way and that. Her potential members advance their involvements incrementally, first testing the ground through watching how other members do it. Progressively, they get more involved, offering increasing declarations of support, which is met with direct approval by the queen, once it reaches a fevered pitch.

    Be Scofield is controlling any incoming comments, chastising the doubtful, rewarding the obedient, calling for regular donations, marking her next targets, and most importantly, repeatedly affirming herself as the “chosen One.”

    I have never in my profession witnessed such a display of devious psychological puppeteering. I was awed by her cult’s dark poetry, expressed inside a masterfully manipulated hostile sociopath’s dream, where anything the queen wants is instantly met with ardor and support by those hoping to climb her ranks. In that Facebook, behind-the-scenes world, if anyone dares question her motives or intentions, they’re either expelled or are instantly crushed by her reliable sentinels who have for years offered their loyalty for security, and their hoped-for status as societal “savior.” Once on the inside, I realized immediately, this is where she hatches her plans, through controlling any incoming comments, chastising the doubtful, rewarding the obedient, calling for regular donations, marking her next targets, and most importantly, repeatedly affirming herself as the “chosen one.”

    Hate groups form identities through icons, rites, and rituals, which enhance a members’ status, while at the same time, disgracing the object of their hate. For example, Scofield’s group may adopt mainstream yoga concepts, or even feign a spiritual air, but these are only pseudo enticements that draw the insecure into her well-crafted net, baited with a promising a sense of superiority. Group-specific verbiage and lifestyle standards often help define this kind of hate cult, along with magnanimous promises made for setting the world right. Though those promises are only manufactured strategies that take advantage of those that have been hurt by a reprobate spiritual leader or group. Her real currency comes through her uncanny ability to turn pain into hate. It only takes a few of those hurt individuals to keep her ship afloat.

    Any alternate or questioning perspectives of her targets are culled on the spot for all to see.

    Hate cults usually demand of their members some form of self-sacrifice, which allows the other member haters also to risk their integrity for a more significant cause. Miss Scofield is all too eager to provide. Giving one’s complete commitment to her cause provides a definitive sense of value and worth. They know that their hate is socially unacceptable, so they’re cautious when revealing themselves. They need to convince themselves, and to come across to others as liberators or self-sacrificing agents for a good cause. As her hate cult crystalized, member standards and other expected activities advanced. Which has included constructing falsified stories about how bad their targets are, and erroneously inventing what terrible things they’ve done to deserve their hatred. This is precisely how they form their bonds. Donations are regularly part of her cause, which is essentially alms for the “chosen one,” given as a sign of fidelity. Any alternate or questioning perspectives of her targets are culled on the spot for all to see. In time, the chosen one no longer does that; the members do it ritually to each other..

    She decides on the evidence, which she alters accordingly. She is the judge, the jury, and the pronouncer of the verdict.

    The Miss Scofield’s targets are “the enemy,” the scoundrels that she asserts must be eradicated. She decides on the evidence, which she alters accordingly. She is the judge, the jury, and the pronouncer of the verdict. Everyone in her cult walks in step. Then their attack ensues, ideally without being attacked in return. Again, and again, Miss Scofield modifies the truth to form the dark message that most appeals to a broader audience, so they’re not themselves recognized as the cult. They are the champions for the good of all. When, in fact, they are a very real and dangerous cult that survives through hiding its identity in calling other spiritual groups or leaders’ “a cult.”

    With every new hit piece posted on her Gurumag website, she incrementally reveals more of her special powers and talents, – always humbly and righteously, so not to show her real intentions. Those special powers are how she secretly affirms her superiority over others.

    With every new hit piece posted on her Gurumag website, she incrementally reveals more of her special powers and talents, – always humbly and righteously, so not to show her real intentions. Those special powers are how she secretly affirms her superiority over others. Control and mastery over her target’s life are her objective, which gives her apparent godlike powers and omnipotence, – a hostile sociopath’s ultimate aspiration. With increased success comes more power, self-worth, and value, the very qualities the sociopath lacks.

    Most hostile sociopaths are narcissists. For decades, the psychological conclusions related to narcissistic behavior was that they are always confidently in control. But that theory has come to a definitive end of over the last few years. It’s now proven, when the facade is withdrawn, what remains is a deeply telling chronic fear and insecurity.

    The underlying motive of people for established hate groups is their need to belong to a group that entertains, affirms, and helps its members avoid any sense of self-loathing, and displaces their anger at uncontrollable past experiences. Through their projective actions, they attain a sense of being that’s above it all.

    Please read my previous article on this: https://culture-or-cult.com/index.php/2019/04/10/be-scofield-an-angry-sociopath-disguised/

  • Statement concerning Email Be Scofield

    Our staff at Culture or Cult would like to transparently address a part of a recent threat that came to us through an email sent from Be Scofield.

    Be Scofield’s toxic rant:

    “I will unmask anyone involved in this site and it will haunt each of you forever, and making it publicly known the people who have written for this site. You have declared war–lifelong war. You think you can hide behind all this but you can’t. Your identities will be unmasked and put into the world. Jobs and money will be lost. Your reputations will be publicly ruined! You will be found and you and your families will lose a ton of money.”

    Culture or Cult’s response:

    Be Scofield, we at Culture or Cult are many, and are not intimidated by your efforts in the least manner. We are a free platform provider that offers Journalists and honest reporters an opportunity to write their concerns regarding most any issue that might be of value to our world today. We will also, occasionally, allow private individuals to post their grievances or successes in a free environment, where they will not be censored or threatened by any entity, private, governmental, or commercial, so to bring their story forward. This site is dedicated to the voice that otherwise gets trodden under by the prevailing doctrine that governs our fake news media outlets today.

    We will not censure or contribute to any posted material, written, recorded, or visual, that the writers who contributed to this platform present. We do not employ any of the authors who write these articles. We are not responsible for the current trend that seems to be turning sharply against your unique and dark efforts at destroying spiritual leaders or organizations reputations and lives at random to serve and aggrandize your reputation as a cult or guru killer. We cannot and will not involve ourselves in the work of those authors who have chosen to stand up and to post here in favor of that trend. We find it ironic and hypocritical that you would threaten us, an open provider platform, for allowing the freedom of those research journalists who work without profit to expose your tactics, when you make your living in working to destroy real person’s reputations.

    We are also not under the sway of US Jurisdiction. Threatening us with nonsensical legal action is of no consequence. We are amply protected under Belgian Law. Before posting any articles, photographs, or recordings from a journalist or writer, we first vet them to see if they are real. We, therefore, require an email and phone number in order to contact, and if necessary, speak with the author. Once we feel satisfied that that person is indeed real, we cross-check to see if the presented article pertains to some form of whistle-blowing or an acceptable cause. We also do not make these decisions singularly, we make them in council, as a group. Our guarantee of absolute privacy is won through securely deleting all of the author’s personal information, including any personal phone records, IP, or email contacts, within a single week after contact. In this way, we assure anonymity, if the author so chooses.