While we will sometimes add our own editorial content, our project is designed to be made alive by your honest and sincere participation. If you want to share your story, your insights or inspiration – please read these instructions:

First of all, carefully consider whether or not you want to reveal your identity. We have taken precautions so that you can speak anonymously but that is your choice. Simply include your full legal name, a pseudonym that you would like to use, or no name at all.

After reviewing your article and potentially making minor edits for grammar, spelling or clarity, we will send you the final version for you to confirm. As soon as we have your confirmation, we will post your article and send a final notification.

If you chose to stay anonymous, we will delete all correspondence with you two weeks after we have posted the article. At that point, even we will no longer be able to connect your article with the email-address you used to send it.

If you are still part of a hostile group that you want to post about, we strongly recommend that you find some distance to the group that you want to report on before reporting. Otherwise, you may end up being the one that is exposed, regardless of the technical finesse you used to leak anonymously.

Another thing you need to be aware of: Even if you follow all the guidelines given, you may still leave traces that might lead to your exposure. Some cults have infiltrated law enforcement (we know you know who we talk about, it has church in its name) and might go on a successful hunt.

That said, you can achieve a pretty good level of anonymity if you use the Tor Browser. Also make sure that you always use it for any pages that you visit that are related to your leak. With Tor Browser, simply use our contact form to send us a your message: