The Cult Psychology Behind MLMs

A great article on the MLM cult’s on

“Since they were developed in the 1950’s, multi-level marketing schemes have been a controversial, hot-button topic. Anybody with a Facebook or Instagram account has probably felt the effects of MLMs — whether you’ve been pitched a product yourself or watched someone else fall down the rabbit hole.!

“To understand how MLMs are able to drag their profitless participants along for years, we need to examine MLMs — not as businesses — but as cults. Multi-level marketing schemes might not be religious organizations, but they’re certainly forcing their participants to drink the kool-aid.!”

“Rick Ross, the Executive Director of the Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups, and Movements, highlighted several cult warning signs to watch out for. When applied to MLMs, many of these warning signs ring true.”

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One thought on “The Cult Psychology Behind MLMs

  • Reply Craig August 8, 2019 at 2:49 am

    So true! Thanks Rick Ross, and thanks Culture and Cult.

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