Statement concerning Email Be Scofield

Our staff at Culture or Cult would like to transparently address a part of a recent threat that came to us through an email sent from Be Scofield.

Be Scofield’s toxic rant:

“I will unmask anyone involved in this site and it will haunt each of you forever, and making it publicly known the people who have written for this site. You have declared war–lifelong war. You think you can hide behind all this but you can’t. Your identities will be unmasked and put into the world. Jobs and money will be lost. Your reputations will be publicly ruined! You will be found and you and your families will lose a ton of money.”

Culture or Cult’s response:

Be Scofield, we at Culture or Cult are many, and are not intimidated by your efforts in the least manner. We are a free platform provider that offers Journalists and honest reporters an opportunity to write their concerns regarding most any issue that might be of value to our world today. We will also, occasionally, allow private individuals to post their grievances or successes in a free environment, where they will not be censored or threatened by any entity, private, governmental, or commercial, so to bring their story forward. This site is dedicated to the voice that otherwise gets trodden under by the prevailing doctrine that governs our fake news media outlets today.

We will not censure or contribute to any posted material, written, recorded, or visual, that the writers who contributed to this platform present. We do not employ any of the authors who write these articles. We are not responsible for the current trend that seems to be turning sharply against your unique and dark efforts at destroying spiritual leaders or organizations reputations and lives at random to serve and aggrandize your reputation as a cult or guru killer. We cannot and will not involve ourselves in the work of those authors who have chosen to stand up and to post here in favor of that trend. We find it ironic and hypocritical that you would threaten us, an open provider platform, for allowing the freedom of those research journalists who work without profit to expose your tactics, when you make your living in working to destroy real person’s reputations.

We are also not under the sway of US Jurisdiction. Threatening us with nonsensical legal action is of no consequence. We are amply protected under Belgian Law. Before posting any articles, photographs, or recordings from a journalist or writer, we first vet them to see if they are real. We, therefore, require an email and phone number in order to contact, and if necessary, speak with the author. Once we feel satisfied that that person is indeed real, we cross-check to see if the presented article pertains to some form of whistle-blowing or an acceptable cause. We also do not make these decisions singularly, we make them in council, as a group. Our guarantee of absolute privacy is won through securely deleting all of the author’s personal information, including any personal phone records, IP, or email contacts, within a single week after contact. In this way, we assure anonymity, if the author so chooses.

3 thoughts on “Statement concerning Email Be Scofield

  • Reply Brandon August 1, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    Bravo Culture and Cult! Time to put that ‘B’ back where she belongs. Buried in that old world witch burning cult she came from. Thousands of those crusading priests have been charged with child molestation. She fits right in. All of the old dudes sound just like her.

  • Reply Bradley Todd August 2, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    I think she think she works for NSA or something? Fruitcake! Cyber bully! Pedophile! Fanatic! Did I miss anything?

  • Reply Angelika January 21, 2020 at 8:40 am

    Thank you for the crystal clear article about Be , or the evil on the world. This is the ancient game of good and evil.. Who wins? I prefer say nobody , seeing it from outside without ineterst. I give my attention to the good, praise it , dedicate life for this. Ignoring the evil is my attitude. Admire though people who in this life try to eliminate the evil, without become evil. Blessings to keep balance. LOVE and peace in the word

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